Pegasystems Pega Certified Lead System Architect (PCLSA) 80V1 2020 - PEGAPCLSA80V1_2020 Exam Practice Test

A Pega application locally stores the same set of codes defined by and used within an external system of record. The Pega application does not locally store the labels associated to these codes. During case processing, the displayed labels for this set of codes are sourced from the external system of record. On any given day, the label associated to a code may change. You are asked to implement a report definition that displays the current label associated to each code whenever the report is run.
How do you design a Pega application to meet this requirement?
Correct Answer: A
Using the information shown in the class structure, select the correct statement.
Correct Answer: D
Six weeks after you deliver you application to production, you users reports that the application slows down in the afternoon. The application is almost completely unresponsive for some users shortly after 3:00 P.M Other users do not experience this problem until later in the day.
You do not have access to the production environment, but you do have access to AES. The production environment has three nodes and a load balancer.
You need to resolve this issue because a new division of the organization will start using the application next month.
Which three actions do you recommend to address this performance issue and ensure optimal application performance in the future? (Choose Three.)
Correct Answer: B,D,E
GigCo receive complaints from existing customer and new prospects that BigCo representative contact them with irrelevant offers and products.
Which two Pega solution do you suggest to help solve this problem? (Choose Two)
Correct Answer: A,D
Select the recommended option for extending the data model provided by u Pega industry framework.
Correct Answer: A
An application is being constructed in multiple phases for a growing company that has over 1000 employees.
During the initial development stages. It is determined a button on section has to be made conditionally visible based on a group of actors.
What should the conditional visibility be based on to minimize the amount of future maintenance?
Correct Answer: A
XYZ Corp users experiencing delays in the application that you suspect is related to the database.
Which two option do you recommend to isolate the issue? (Choose two.)
Correct Answer: A,C
You are designing a form for an online bookstore to display new arrivals. In the form, the book cover pictures are displayed in a row, like words in a sentence. Once the row reaches the full width of the screen, it wraps around to begin a new row.
Which layout do you use to display the book cover pictures?
Correct Answer: C