Salesforce Certified OmniStudio Developer - OmniStudio-Developer Exam Practice Test

A customer sets up to LWC Omniscripts, one embedded into another. Account is set in a Set Values element in the parent Omniscript.
The AccountId set in the parent Omniscript is used to another Set Values element ContextAccountid in the embedded OmniScript. The embedded Omniscript is activated.
While previewing the OmniScript flow from the parent, it is found that Account is set correctly in the parent OmniScript. However. ContextAccountId in the embedded OmniScript is not set with the AccountId from parent Omniscript. On previewing the embedded OmniScript individually, it is found that ContextAccountId is set correctly.
What is the reason for this? Refer to the exhibit below.

Correct Answer: D
A developer examines data received from an external data source. The data is nested two levels down in the JSON structure.
Which OmniStudio tool could the developer use to simplify this data?
Correct Answer: C
A developer is creating an OmniScript that provisions trail orgs to their customers. The following text block in the Omniscript uses a merge code to display the ID for the new trail org:
Correct Answer: C
...... configure Additional input to send exactly the same data? Assume that the develop checked Send Only Additional input.




Correct Answer: A
Refer to the exhibit below.

What is the reason that the fields fail to display the fetched data?
Correct Answer: A
A developer is configuring an integration Procedure Action in an OmniScript. The Omniscript needs a JSON response from the Integration Procedure but does not need to wait for the response for the user to proceed.
Which feature should the developer enable?
Correct Answer: D