Juniper Enterprise Routing and Switching, Professional (JNCIP-ENT) - JN0-648 Exam Practice Test

Your network has Junos Fusion configured with MX960 routers as aggregation devices (AD) and QFX5100 switches as satellite devices (SO) Which two statements are coned in this scenario? (Choose two )
Correct Answer: A,C

YourNet is learning the route from Provider A and Provider B YourNet would like to forward traffic destined to the networking using Provider B.
Referring to the exhibit, how would you accomplish this task?
Correct Answer: B
Which three types of ports are used for Junos Fusion Enterprise? (Choose three. )
Correct Answer: A,D,E
What are two supported PoE management modes? (Choose two.)
Correct Answer: A,B
Click the Exhibit button.

During an outage, you review the status of the Q-in-Q implementation on VLAN 300.
Referring to the exhibit, what would be the cause of the outage?
Correct Answer: D
You are implementing a single spanning tree instance in your network and want to use the protocol that will give you the best convergence time in the event of a physical network failure of the root bridge.
Which spanning tree protocol will satisfy this requirement?
Correct Answer: B
Your company has expanded into office space across the street. The new office space has a single Ethernet connection connected to an unmanaged switch. You must sort traffic based on the IP address into different VLANs once the traffic arrives on your EX Series switches.
Which mechanism would you use to accomplish this task?
Correct Answer: D

A router is attempting to form an OSPF neighborship with another router However, the OSPF neighborship fails to establish completely Referring to the exhibit, what is the problem?
Correct Answer: A
You have configured class mode power management on an EX4300 to provide PoE power to telephone and security camera equipment. You want to ensure that security camera power takes priority over telephone power.
Which two actions would solve this problem? (Choose two.)
Correct Answer: A,D