Admission Test Certified Public Accountant (Financial Accounting & Reporting) - Financial-Accounting-Reporting Exam Practice Test

In which of the following situations should a company report a prior-period adjustment?
Correct Answer: D
The following question is based on the following:
Vane Co.'s trial balance of income statement accounts for the year ended December 31, 2002, included the following:

Vane's income tax rate is 30%.
In Vane's 2002 multiple-step income statement, what amount should Vane report as income from continuing operations?
Correct Answer: C
Rock Co.'s financial statements had the following balances at December 31:

What amount should Rock report as comprehensive income for the year ended December 31?
Correct Answer: A
An inventory loss from a permanent market decline of $360,000 occurred in May 1989. Cox Co. appropriately recorded this loss in May 1989 after its March 31, 1989 quarterly report was issued. What amount of inventory loss should be reported in Cox's quarterly income statement for the three months ended June 30, 1989?
Correct Answer: B
According to the FASB conceptual framework, which of the following situations violates the concept of reliability?
Correct Answer: C
Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding the inputs that can be used to measure fair value?
I. Level I inputs are the most reliable fair value measurements and Level III inputs are the least reliable.
II. Level I measurements are quoted prices in active markets for identical or similar assets or liabilities.
III. A fair value measurement based on management assumptions only (no market data) would not be acceptable per GAAP.
IV. The level in the fair value hierarchy of a fair value measurement is determined by the level of the highest level significant input.
Correct Answer: B
According to the FASB conceptual framework, which of the following attributes would not be used to measure inventory?
Correct Answer: A
Grum Corp., a publicly-owned corporation, is subject to the requirements for segment reporting. In its income statement for the year ended December 31, 1991, Grum reported revenues of $50,000,000, operating expenses of $47,000,000, and net income of $3,000,000. Operating expenses include payroll costs of $ 15,000,000. Grum's combined identifiable assets of all industry segments at December 31, 1991, were $40,000,000.
Cott Co.'s four business segments have revenues and identifiable assets expressed as percentages of Cott's total revenues and total assets as follows:

Which of these business segments are deemed to be reportable segments?
Correct Answer: A
What are the Statements of Financial Accounting Concepts intended to establish?
Correct Answer: A
On January 2, 1993, Quo, Inc. hired Reed to be its controller. During the year, Reed, working closely with Quo's president and outside accountants, made changes in accounting policies, corrected several errors dating from 1992 and before, and instituted new accounting policies.
Quo's 1993 financial statements will be presented in comparative form with its 1992 financial statements.
This question represents one of Quo's transactions. List A represents possible clarifications of these transactions as: a change in accounting principle, a change in accounting estimate, a correction of an error in previously presented financial statements, or neither an accounting change nor an accounting error.
Item to Be Answered
Quo manufactures heavy equipment to customer specifications on a contract basis. On the basis that it is preferable, accounting for these long-term contracts was switched from the completed-contract method to the percentage-of-completion method.
List A (Select one)
Correct Answer: A