Salesforce Certified Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer - Development-Lifecycle-and-Deployment-Designer Exam Practice Test

Universal containers is looking to install a new application to enable advanced quoting in its current Professional Edition org. The org is near capacity with object and tab limits. Which two solutions should the Architect recommend? Choose 2 answers
Correct Answer: B,C
Universal Containers CUC) has developed extensions of Salesforce Service Cloud for the use of its customer service teams using the change set development model.
Recently, UC acquired a company that develops extensions of an AppExchange app. The development team of the acquired company uses the org development model. The Universal Containers CTO wants both teams to work on a single org and follow the same set of processes.
Which development model should the architect recommend to be used by the consolidated development team?
Correct Answer: C
Universal Containers (UC) has integrated with their on-premise billing system using Salesforce Connect. The data is configured using an External Object in sandbox. UC wants to deploy the external object to production using the Metadata API and would like to know what Metadata types to choose for deployments to production.
Which two options are valid metadata types related to deployment of external objects? Choose 2 answers.
Correct Answer: A,D
Which two ways should a developer working on a data loading integration that operates between different Salesforce environments insert multiple related records in one call or transaction?
Choose 2 answers
Correct Answer: A,D
A Salesforce contractor has built an application for Universal Containers (UC) .The contractor will need to deploy multiple times from the contractor's own Salesforce to UC's Salesforce environments. Ultimately, UC has full control of the application's code, including its intellectual property
Correct Answer: C
There has been an increase in the number of defects .Universal Containers (UC) found the root cause to be decreased in quality if code. Which two options can enforce code quality in UC's continuous integration process? Choose 2 answers
Correct Answer: C,D
What are two advantages of using an Agile Project Management tool? Choose 2 answers
Correct Answer: A,D
Northern Trail Outfitter's development team has built new features for its sales team in the Asia-Pacific region. While testing the Apex classes, the developers are constantly hitting the governor limits.
What should the architect recommend during the review to address this issue?
Correct Answer: C
Cloud Kicks is switching to Salesforce from a different CRM. They have existing datasets for all standard Salesforce objects. In which optimized order should the architect recommend these objects be loaded?
Correct Answer: D
Universal Containers is working on the next phase of development for their Salesforce implementation involving a large amount of custom development. Which two strategies should be considered to address a critical production issue occurring in the middle of development? Choose 2 answers
Correct Answer: A,B
What is the responsibility of the Technical Architect within a Change Control Board meeting?
Correct Answer: B
Universal Containers is delivering many changes to its Salesforce system. Adoption reports are discovering that many features are unused. The steering committee wants this to change and is looking to the architect for advice.
What should an architect recommend to overcome this?
Correct Answer: D
Universal Containers is building a new complex integration to a legacy system. the legacy system is also going through a major upgrade. Senior leadership has committed to the board that the combined programs will be completed on time. What is the risk with this plan?
Correct Answer: A
Universal Containers has three types of releases in their release management strategy: daily, minor (monthly), and major (quarterly). A user has requested a new report to support an urgent client request. What release strategy would an Architect recommend?
Correct Answer: D
Universal Containers (UC) environment management architect is using the package development model for deployment to different orgs.
Which metadata changes does the architect need to track manually?
Correct Answer: B
Universal Containers is considering developing a client application using the Metadata API for managing deployments to multiple Salesforce orgs. Which two use cases describe the usage of Metadata API? Choose 2 ans
Correct Answer: B,D
Universal Containers (UC) has two subsidiaries which operate independently. UC has made the decision to operate two of separate Salesforce orgs, one for each subsidiary. However, certain functions and processes between the two orgs must be standardized. Which two approaches should UC take to develop customizations once, and make them available in both orgs? Choose 2 answers
Correct Answer: B
Universal Containers (UC) is using sales and service Cloud. They have two major releases and four minor releases every year. They have deployment (dev), integration, user acceptance (UAT), staging, and hotflix sandboxes. What should an Architect recommend when UC has PI issues and has to be fixed immediately?
Correct Answer: B