ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level 2018 - CTFL-2018 Exam Practice Test

Testing effort can depend on a number of factors, which one of the following is MOST likely to impact the amount of effort required?
Correct Answer: C
Which of the following is a typical characteristic of the WALKTHROUGH review type?
Correct Answer: A
Your agile project has scheduled a final sprint before release to fix and re-test all open defects with a priority level of 3 or above.
The following defect report shows the defect fields that are currently being captured on the system.
Title: Unable to add excursions to pre-paid cruises
Date raised: 21/05/18
Author: Emma Rigby
Status: Fixed
What occurred: I went to book an excursion for a pre-paid cruise but received an error message saying,
'Facility not available'. I can book excursions on cruises that have not yet been fully paid.
What should have occurred: Requirement 3.12 says clearly that customers can add excursions after cruises have been fully paid so the facility should have been available (when an additional amount may now need to be paid).
Priority: 2
Software build: 2.1
Test level: System test
Environment details: System test 3
Which of ONE of the following additional defect report fields would be MOST beneficial for the sprint team to add?
Correct Answer: C
Which statement about deriving test cases from a use case is TRUE?
Correct Answer: C