CIMA E2 Managing Performance Exam - CIMAPRA19-E02-1 Exam Practice Test

An organisation undertakes a planned strategy and it is currently at the stage of completing a strategic analysis.
It has defined what it is seeking to achieve, identified the strengths and weaknesses of the company and has undertaken a corporate appraisal.
What stage of its strategic analysis has the organisation failed to carry out?
Correct Answer: B
China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam are high context cultures.
In business relationships in high context cultures, which THREE of the following are typical?
Correct Answer: B,C,E
As part of a project to refurbish a large hotel chain, the wiring of the computer network was subcontracted to a specialist IT organisation. In relation to managing risk in the project this approach can be referred to as:
Correct Answer: C
KK manufactures mobile phones and it possesses an inimitable resource in the mobile phone market in which it currently competes.
Which of the following best describes this type of resource?
Correct Answer: B
An insurance group is contemplating a proposal to outsource its customer call centre. The centre is currently managed as an internal function. Before taking a strategic decision, the group directors are assessing not only the long term operating costs but all the transaction costs associated with a change to an external provider.
In the context of this proposal, what are the transaction costs that would need to be considered by the directors?
Select ALL that apply.
Correct Answer: A,C,D
The advantages of effective delegation include which THREE of the following?
Correct Answer: A,B,E
The role of competitor analysis, according to Wilson and Gilligan is threefold.
Which of the following does NOT apply?
Correct Answer: C
During a formal disciplinary process being carried out within a business organisation, at what stage in the process should the employee under investigation receive a formal verbal warning?
Correct Answer: B
Identify THREE advantages of a matrix organisation structure for the execution of significant business projects:
Correct Answer: B,D,E
The purpose of PEST analysis is described by which of the following?
Correct Answer: B
DD organisation is a management consultancy company. Currently, although it has some clients in other countries, the activities of DD are mainly domestic. However the directors are keen to develop the business internationally.
The strengths of DD are recognised as it has a well-motivated team of professional consultants, and a very powerful analytical model for developing business solutions.
Which of the following best describes how this company can develop its business strategy to gain a competitive advantage?
Correct Answer: C
Organisational change can be promoted by many different triggers. Which THREE of the following are external triggers of change?
Correct Answer: B,C,D