SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP Customer Data Cloud - C-CDCDEV2018 Exam Practice Test

Which of the following statements about CMS restrictions are
Correct Answer: A
Imagine you are using a 3rd party customer review system and you want to enable faceting on the Average Review Rating (a numeric field which indicates the customer satisfaction score). Which steps are necessary to enable this?
Correct Answer: C,D
When defining customer segments for personalization, which of the statements regarding the processing of the segments are true?
Correct Answer: A,B
How to disable Pickup In Store?
Correct Answer: A,B,C
How to completely disable Pickup In Store?
Correct Answer: A,C
Assuming default configuration, the ContentCatalog...
Correct Answer: B,D
What is ysolr?
Correct Answer: B
In order to add a new physical shop/warehouse location to your base store, you must:
Correct Answer: B