Avaya Pod Fx™ Solution Support Exam - 7693X Exam Practice Test

Which scenario requires the use of the 8D Methodology for troubleshooting?
Correct Answer: D
When performing a BIOS or Firmware upgrade on physical host servers, why is it important to have vSphere access?
Correct Answer: D
Which two browsers are the only supported browsers for Pod Orchestration Suite?
(Choose two.)
Correct Answer: C,D
What is the primary difference between MSC for Pod Fx 2.1.1 and the Primary MSC for
Pod Fx 3.0?
Correct Answer: C
When checking the VPFM Events you find that there are no events listed.
What should be the first thing you do?
Correct Answer: A
When deploying the vCenter update, there are certain parameters that must be used.
Which IP address should be used for the Network 1 IP Address?
Correct Answer: C