Oracle Procurement Cloud 2017 Implementation Essentials - 1z1-963 Exam Practice Test

Your customer tells you that in their industry, the response document for an auction is called a 'Proposal' instead of the default Oracle term 'Bid', and that they would like to have all their negotiation documents reflect this terminology. What would you do to meet this requirement?
Correct Answer: C
During a Procurement Contract implementation, a customer would like to set up approvals for procurement contract documents. The customer has four departments and any contract needs to be approved by all the four department users.
Identify the configuration to fulfill this requirement.
Correct Answer: B
Your customer frequently orders a specific item from a selected list of suppliers. Some of the suppliers provide the item at a negotiated price, whereas other suppliers change the price throughout the year.
How should you set up this item in Oracle Procurement Cloud to address both requirements?
Correct Answer: B
Your customer has three Business Units, of which two are requisitioning Business Units and one is a Procurement Business Unit. They want to define each document number based on document type and business unit combination in Oracle Procurement Cloud.
Which Functional Setup Manager task can be used to accomplish these requirements?
Correct Answer: C
What is the earliest point that funds can be reserved for requisitions, during implementation and funds reservation for Budgetary Control?
Correct Answer: A
A replenishment requisition is created with the following details and imported through an open interface in Oracle Procurement Cloud:
- Requisition date - 10/10/2012 (DD/MM/YYYY)
- Requisition Business Unit (BU) - BU1
- Item - AS16168
Identify the Blanket Purchase Agreement that the application would select to automatically create a Purchase Order.
Correct Answer: D
You defined an Approved Supplier List (ASL) with a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) for requisitions.
After you submit a requisition with the BPA as a source document, you found an approved requisition and automatically created PO (Purchase Order). However, the status of this PO was confirmed as "Incomplete" instead of "Open" as expected.
Identify two causes for this behavior. (Choose two.)
Correct Answer: C,D
You have the following business requirements while configuring applications with related roles:
- When creating an implementation project, you want to see the list of Offering and Functional Areas that are configured for the project.
- You want to identify which stage are all Offerings and Functional Areas in.
Identify two setups that fulfill these requirements. (Choose two.)
Correct Answer: A,E
A buyer is creating a purchase requisition using 'Catalog Superstore', and intends to compare items before adding them to the shopping list. Identify the maximum number of items that are allowed by the application for side-by-side item comparison.
Correct Answer: C