Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close 2019 Implementation Essentials - 1z1-1081 Exam Practice Test

Which explains why the Currency dimension does NOT display in your application?
Correct Answer: A
What is the Data Storage value for an account that must remain at a historical exchange rate and not retranslate with current rates?
Correct Answer: C
A company would like to capture Fixed Asset additions and disposals within the Movement dimension.
Which three tasks are necessary to achieve this goal? (Choose three.)
Correct Answer: B,D,E
Which financial close related component is NOT a part of the Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud integrated product suite?
Correct Answer: C
Which two statements are correct with regard to Data Management locations? (Choose two.)
Correct Answer: C,E
When creating a member mapping for account Sales in Data Management, the following script is entered.
UD5 refers to a Product custom dimension:
Which statement is True?
Correct Answer: A
A client company has expanded quickly in the past year and has recognized the need to move their financial team off spreadsheets and to a more verifiable and automated solution.
Which two requirements from this team would Oracle's Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service satisfy? (Choose two.)
Correct Answer: C,D
Which four items are active components of the Currency dimension? (Choose four.)
Correct Answer: A,B,C,F
Company 123 is a public company that reports in US Dollars. Company 123 owns Company XYZ, a European company that consolidates in Euro. One of the Company XYZ's subsidiaries is Company IOU, headquartered in Switzerland with a functional currency of the Swiss Franc.
Which process produces USD balances for Company IOU?
Correct Answer: E