Oracle Communications Order and Service Management Server 7 Implementation Essentials - 1z0-493 Exam Practice Test

Identify the outcome when an upstream system creates an order and some transformation errors are generated in the recognition rule.
Correct Answer: C
You detect some performance issues during the execution of a load test in an environment that will be used to fulfill a large number of orders in a given day. Which three resources should you check and re-configure in your Oracle WebLogic Server console in order to provide better performance to this environment?
Correct Answer: A,C,D
You have an OSM system that has been configured with the default parameters recommended in the OSM documentation, but the Task Web client users report that the
OSM system is slow. Which three actions would you take?
Correct Answer: A,B,E
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Why would you create a new composite cartridge?
Correct Answer: E
Identify the sequence of high-level activities that are performed in a typical telecommunications service provider environment where Order Management is implemented.
Correct Answer: B
Which two OSM components are deployed in Oracle WebLogic Server?
Correct Answer: D,E
You are commissioned to include a new action in the Task Web client context menu that appears when a user right-clicks the worklist and that interacts with selected tasks. How would you include this requirement?
Correct Answer: D
You have the following process and subprocess configured in your OSM cartridge. The compensation strategy when a task needs to be re-evaluated is set to "Undo then Redo" for
TaskB and "Redo" for all other tasks. On the other hand, the compensation strategy when a task is no longer required is set to "Undo" for all tasks. OSM has just completed the execution of TaskD when a revision is submitted, which causes all tasks to be re- evaluated. Which two tasks will be executed with the Undo execution mode?
Correct Answer: B,E
Identify two mandatory properties that you must define when modeling an order item specification.
Correct Answer: C,E