Oracle Workforce Compensation Cloud 2017 Implementation Essentials - 1Z1-330 Exam Practice Test

During the Compensation Review cycle for the year 2014-15, the manager processes his direct reports compensation changes per the model created by him. After making the changes in the worksheet, the manager submits the proposed changes to the next level manager in the hierarchy for approval. What will the Manager status appear as in the workforce compensation area? (Choose the best answer.)
Correct Answer: E
Identify three correct statements about changes in an employee's compensation when the employee's FTE value changes in employment. (Choose three.)
Correct Answer: A
As an implementation consultant, you are required to define a total compensation statement. You are creating the compensation items for the same. Which four source types are available for selection while creating a compensation item for the total compensation statement? (Choose four.)
Correct Answer: A,B,D,E
A corporation needs to set up a compensation plan for a Housing allowance that will allow the company to grant these allowances to only employees above a particular role.
Identify the option that indicates the correct way of implementing it. (Choose the best answer.)
Correct Answer: C
How would you control the task of determining if a person is eligible for a compensation plan? (Choose the best answer.)
Correct Answer: A
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As compensation manager, you are generating a total compensation statement for a corporation. Which two options are mandatory to be used as inputs while generating the total compensation statement? (Choose two.)
Correct Answer: A,B
The compensation administrator wants to run Purge Workforce Compensation Data for one of the past compensation plans because the transaction data from that period is not required anymore. However, the compensation administrator does not get the option to include the said plan. What is the reason for this? (Choose the best answer.)
Correct Answer: D
You are configuring a plan cycle date that should be visible to managers on the Approvals tab so that they can submit their worksheets before that date. But you do not want to enforce the date because you want the managers to be able to submit their worksheets even after the date is past. Which date should you use? (Choose the best answer.)
Correct Answer: D
An Organization tracks compensation that is not stored in the Benefit Balance, Element Entry, External Data, and Payroll Balance source types. Which three statements are true about configuring Compensation Items for a Compensation Statement? (Choose three.)
Correct Answer: B,C,E
You are creating grade rates. What values are necessary for any grade rate that you create? (Choose the best answer.)
Correct Answer: D
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